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Ru high elf fighter magic-user


with custom AR fantasy outfits. Our alpha build is live! Sign up below and get involved.

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More Social Online Sessions

TTRPGs are a social experience. Turning on your cam means a more engaging online game session, and appearing as your character boosts fun and immersion even more! 

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Seamless Integration

Compatible with all conferencing and VTT platforms (Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Roll20, Foundry VTT, etc.). Low system requirements on Windows and Mac.

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Creative Community

Share your feedback and ideas to help us make a fantasy outfit creator that YOU love. Join our community to connect with fellow Faes AR TTRPGers.

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“The app is intuitive to use.”

Here is what independent play-testers say:

“This AR app looks way better than I expected! I am excited to use it in my next play session with friends.”
“Mediocre AR stuff is very common, but this app can be immersive.”

Our alpha is LIVE! Join the alpha news mailing list for alpha access and help us build the AR fantasy outfit creator that you want. Join our Discord community to get involved!

Join the Faes AR Mailing List here.

Rest assured, we value your privacy. We'll never sell your email or inundate your inbox. Only alpha access, a welcoming community, and precious shinies await!

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